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Modern dentistry has made tooth restorations more beautiful, effective, and durable than ever before, but despite this, it’s always ideal to retain the natural teeth. Only when there are no other options available will we recommend teeth extraction. We might suggest an extraction when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or has been partially dislodged and we unable to safely reattach the roots. In cases like those, we will explain the reason for extraction, the process, and your options for restoration afterward.

Do Teeth Extractions Hurt?

Extractions are typically far less invasive than patients expect. We work hard to plan your treatment to ensure we can remove a tooth as safely and gently as possible. In order to extract a tooth, our dental professionals require the area to be thoroughly numb to ensure you don’t feel any pain. This requires profound anesthesia, which often takes more than one dental needle. If dental needles or the tooth extraction process makes you anxious, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Tell our dental professionals about your concerns before your appointment so we can discuss available options to help you feel relaxed.

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What Comes After a Tooth Extraction?

At South Brampton Dental, we offer restorative and cosmetic options for replacing missing teeth. One option includes using a dental implant with a dental crown or bridge for a long-lasting, reliable replacement. However, every person will have different needs based on how many teeth have been extracted, the health of the remaining teeth, and their desires for restorative treatment. Our dental professionals will discuss the best option for your needs with you so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

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